Welcome to CCTS

Communication Systems in Suffolk

Since our conception in the early nineties, we have striven to provide the best technical applications as is available at that time, with our best of breed partners and manufacturers, coupled with our personal drive to excel in our own field. In 2011 we completed this by one of our engineers winning the title of BICSI European Cabling Skills Champion.

Our group has grown to include multiple disciplines which are individually tailored but, once combined, gives us a strategic advantage over many of our competitors.

Giving our clients a true one stop service for their business, building and infrastructure needs.

We have the ability to deploy an on time on budget solution for all customers, backed by our service and maintenance divisions allows us to retain our happy customer database, which grows steadily each year.

Our common focus and divisions are:

  • Communications, cabling and networking
  • Digital and IP telephone systems and platforms
  • Wholesale priced fixed line and call charges
  • CCTV and access control
  • Wireless, and free space links
  • Computer room services
  • True power back systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Automation (doors, barriers, gates etc)

As you can see from our list, we have embraced the technology arena in which we have evolved and pushed to the boundaries for not only us but all our customers alike. This important attribute of ours has enabled CCTS to establish on-going, long-term partnerships with many major customers and to meet or exceed their expectations.

Of the many cogs and wheels that help run your business, Communications, Infrastructures and Facilities is one of the most critical. Wherever you are in the lifecycle of your technology, CCTS Ltd can provide quality service solutions tailored to meet your requirements.

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